a little nudge

by Karl Faase

A positive heart attack

heart attack

Recent research by Dr Vivienne Turley from the University of Leeds, UK on those who survived heart attacks, found that 94 percent of the patients and 74 percent of their partners reported positive changes in emotional and spiritual growth. This is referred to as “post traumatic growth”.

One patient, Frank Compton, said, “Life has never been better, my heart attack brought on so many positive changes in my life, having smoked 25 cigarettes a day before, I now exercise regularly and my diet has improved.”

What a shame that it takes a traumatic experience like a heart attack to get us to reassess our lives. We all know the importance of the changes Frank made. Why does it take a heart attack to get us to make them?

It’s not just our physical condition that we need to be concerned about.. What about your spiritual condition, or your relationship with God? Are you putting that off to a more convenient time? Don’t wait for a heart attack or some tragic circumstance to get your life right with God.

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