Rock solid

Now I feel safe and complete,says formerly irritable career man

Andrea Scalas
“Working harder was like chasing the wind,” says Andrea Scalas

Aiming for that good, happy feeling that he was living life’s purpose, Andrea Scalas chose a career in accounting, then secured a dream job at a prestigious practise in Italy, but found only disappointment.

Finding no gratification in his qualifications, his job or in financial stability, Andrea remembers, “I looked for answers in smoking, drinking, pornography and working harder.”

However, he admits that he found none of these satisfying either — “It was like chasing after the wind.”

Raised in ritualistic religion, he felt betrayed by God after witnessing his baby sister fall unconscious in a car accident and later die of brain damage.

“I stopped going to church for a time,” Andrea remembers, “but I realised I had no peace in my heart except when I entered a church.”

Growing easily irritable and unsettled, at age 30, he began doubting that his spiritual life was okay, so he turned to reading through the Bible for the first time.

Despite thinking she was a bigot, he also took note of his aunty who appeared to be full of joy, peace, and strength, even during serious times of hardship. Most importantly, she was also a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ.

After receiving unsatisfying answers from priests and monks about faith, eternal life and salvation, he began talking about Jesus with some zealous religious Americans who ran a mission in Italy.

He remembers that these unselfish and unmaterialistic friends helped him understand that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for His own wrong-doing, but for the sins of all mankind.

A few years later, he received the question of his life when a pastor asked him, “If you die today, will you go to Heaven?”

Feeling embarrassed that none of his answers satisfied the pastor — or himself if he was honest — Andrea decided he would attend a Christian church that taught the Bible fully and would answer this deepest question.

“I knew people did terrible things like murder and rape,” Andrea explains, “so I thought I was a saint.”

“I presumed that I deserved salvation since I did a few good things, but even my ‘good’ actions were selfishly motivated and not truly good.

“I thought I had a chance when I faced God but I was wrong.”

After moving to Singapore, he attended an evangelical Christian church where, he says, “all that I desired to know I got to know.”

In the pre-baptism classes, Andrea came to understand that all wrong-doing against God deserves eternal punishment, so in His love for us, the Lord Jesus Christ took this punishment on a cross, and proved He is God by rising from the dead.

Opening his heart in full surrender, Andrea then asked Jesus to be King of his life, and his Saviour who took away the guilt and punishment of sin.

As he declared his faith in Jesus in public baptism, he recalls making a whole-hearted decision to “unplug the cable to my old life that was built on things that do not bring love, and plug in a new cable which draws power from Jesus.”

He continues: “I now had an answer to that question: ‘If you die today, will you go to Heaven?’

“I lacked a Saviour who could take the punishment for my wrong-doing against God. Jesus has rescued me. Now I am saved.”

As a new Christian, Andrea chose to depend on God’s provision and growing in His trust in the Word of God. After praying about his career, he shares that God provided him with a highly rewarding job in Singapore.

He explains: “I allowed God to make me who He wants me to be, to enable me to turn away from temptations to sin, and I involved Him in my work from simple to difficult tasks.

“Now I have no fear of death. I feel as if I truly have a treasure. The so wanted island of gold is here in my heart, a precious gift which cannot be bought.

“I feel I am complete. I feel I now have found the truth. I do not wonder anymore. I stand on a rock. I feel safe.”

In 2008, Andrea moved to Australia, a dream he had since childhood, before he was confronted with the greatest sadness of his life.

“Last year, my wife gave birth to our son with her family in Singapore and decided to stay there,” Andrea says sadly.

“I have sometimes gone to sleep in tears, but I never felt abandoned.

“I have learned even more about how to communicate with God in dedicated prayers, being sure He is there to help. The church I attend is also close to me in this time.

“I feel safe. God is my comfort and my deliverer and since my life is His, I know I will not be troubled. It is not easy, but it is possible.

“Everything is possible with Him.”

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