Shave with death was big lesson

Hospital clinic’s second miracle was not mere chance according to survivor

Marko Pike
Doctors had moments to save Marko Pike

In February 2011, a chance fall from a mountain bike and a broken shoulder propelled Marko Pike into a life-threatening battle with a blood clot in his lung.

His broken shoulder had been operated on normally, but four days after the accident, Marko felt piercing chest pain, an inability to breathe and was coughing up blood.

Upon visiting a doctor, Marko was immediately diagnosed with an embolism, a blood clot in his lung, and he was rushed to the hospital I.C.U.

“At this stage I didn’t realise what was happening,” says Marko. “They had minutes to save my life.

“Seeing my eldest brother crying outside the I.C.U. door broke my heart and I tried to wave and show him that all would be ok. The next moment I felt numb and couldn’t move, speak, or react to anything and I was placed on a ventilator.”

Medical staff told his family that he might not make it through the night.

The next day he showed no improvement, but Marko’s family and friends refused to accept they would lose Marko. All of his friends and many who Marko had never met began to ceaselessly pray for his recovery.

Five days later, on the Monday, Marko improved and was released from hospital.

“The medical staff said, ‘Amazing! This is the second miracle out of our clinic this year.’

“For us, though, it was all through the grace of our Heavenly Father.”

As a born again Christian, Marko firmly believes God rescued him from death to show him that he needed to change his life.

“My problem with dying was that I was not ready to face God,” Marko explains.

“I was afraid that He would ask me what I have done for Him after all that He has done for me.

“I believe God would have asked me, ‘I have showed you the way of salvation in Jesus Christ, given you miracle after miracle, made you a rich man with three boys, a loving wife and a great family, and what have you done with all this?’”

After pondering this, Marko says he has changed his rule of life.

“I am starting to live differently with my wife and kids, reading the Bible, praying and sharing people about the Lord Jesus and what He can do for them.”

Marko says that his miracle serves as a warning and a lesson to those who have not yet responded to Jesus Christ personally.

“Don’t wait until tomorrow and make the choice,” Marko urges, “accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your life and you will be amazed.

“Believe me; the Lord will never let you down. I am proud to shout out that I am a fully committed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and I love the Lord with all of my heart.”

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