Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

Can time rescue us from ourselves?

Are you amazed and baffled by the enormous confusion and moral dilemma of our “modern” era?

Think of the following questions:

  • Why do educated young people living in an age of electronic marvels, act so unkindly, bullying, abusing social media, burning down buildings and robbing defenceless old people?
  • Why do the clever minds of those skilled in Information technology, devise ways to destroy other peoples’ work and operate scams that rob people of their money and possessions?
  • Why do authors, noted for their skill with language and exquisite phraseology, stoop to using demeaning language and concepts in many modern books?
  • Why does the human race, after a long history of warfare with all its horrors, still engage in battles with no end in sight?
  • Why is it, that mankind can carry out the most unspeakable atrocities to others, such as enslaving children in the worldwide sex trade?

There are many more such questions that could be asked.

Some would answer along the lines of faltering steps in the process of our evolution. Our savage past is not yet quite past. Time will eventually overcome the problem.

Yet this explanation is far too superficial. Education and technology have undeniably changed societies and promoted civilization, but the above questions point out that the backward and primitive of this world do not reveal a past which others have left behind. Instead, violent, cruel, and inconsiderate behaviour is practised by modern man to the point of being an art form.

The truth of the matter

There is a clear and satisfying explanation which the present day world will not acknowledge at any price.

The human race is a fallen race.

This means that we are not what we were created to be but we are a distorted, warped version of it.

The Bible tells us of an event of huge significance at the dawn of history. Disobedience, even in the light of clear command, put a barrier between God and man. Mankind suffered personal loss. His nature changed; his innocence gone. In its place came lying, stealing and violence. Yes, he still retained something of the glory of His created being, still observable today in the noble achievements and lofty thought that has arisen over the years of his history. So we are a good thing spoiled. There are no exceptions. We are walking arguments.

The high calling we received at first has been torn down by evil tendencies. The evidence is overwhelming: we need a Saviour. There is none but Jesus Christ, God the Son.

Jesus is the perfect one who took the death punishment, what we deserve for our evil behaviour and thoughts. For the change to come about in our lives requires a step of faith. Why don’t you turn to page 11 and check out the response slip so you can take that step of faith

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