Family finance

by Peter Crawford

Make Christmas time a wise investment

Like millions of other families, each year at this time, our family expresses their love for one another by giving gifts.

christmas package

It’s an appropriate time for giving because Christmas celebrates God’s greatest gift to us—the Lord Jesus Christ.

But for many businesses, the Christmas season will make or break their year, so, they advertise heavily and fill their stores with decorations and fill our mail boxes with junk mail.

So what does my family do? We celebrate Christmas intentionally and spend wisely by:

Reading the Christmas story as a family to give us a right perspective on the reason for the season.
Creating a birthday cake for Jesus to help our kids understand we were celebrating His birth.
Create inexpensive gifts like “heart” cards, expressing what we love or admire or value about each other the most.
Never using debt to purchase a gift. Our family understands when someone is in a tight situation. If one person desires a particular gift they have the freedom to make that known, so that gifts don’t end up gathering dust in the garage.
Giving to a needy family rather than only ourselves.
Starting inexpensive traditions like baking biscuits for neighbours.

I pray that you and your loved ones will remember this holiday season with fondness, joy and laughter, and avoid financial regrets.

Courtesy Crown Financial Ministries

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