A surprising discovery

A former drug addict learnt what real faith meant

Jason Brooks
The joy and passion in a friend’s heart amazed Jason Brooks

When Jason Brooks moved to Australia, he had no idea it would lead to his life being transformed.

Jason lived in England, worked at a casino and spent his money on alcohol and drugs.

“Around the age of 14 or 15, I started smoking, which led to drinking then to drugs,” Jason recalls.

He took several types of drugs for about four years, with cocaine his biggest addiction.

At one stage, Jason was seeing a woman who was already in a relationship. She became pregnant and, not knowing if the baby was Jason’s or her partner’s, they decided to terminate it so that her partner would never find out.

“The guilt and pain you feel from doing something like that, even as a non-Christian, is overwhelming,” Jason says.

Jason arrived in Australia in 2006 after his then-girlfriend asked him to move there with her. The relationship was short-lived and Jason soon found himself alone with no support, leading him to seek help from books and prayer, though he did not know who he was praying to.

“This went on for some time,” Jason says, “up to the point of meeting the first of many Christians to come into my life; I met the woman who would become my wife a few days after starting a new job. I was surprised to meet someone who said that they are a Christian and actually meant what they said.”

Though they went out a few times, things did not work out. Jason admits “I wasn’t actually very nice to her in the end and eventually I stopped talking to her. At that time I was moved to a shop in the city, where I met the Christian who brought me to the Lord.”

After finding out that his new friend was a Christian, Jason began asking him questions about his faith. Jason recalls, “To my surprise, Christianity was not what I first thought it was, full of rituals and people casting judgements on others, real Christianity is having a relationship with God by faith.”

“This man was similar to me in the life that he had once lived, but now the joy that came from his heart, and the example that he set, forced me to think that something major had taken place in his life.

“Speaking to a Christian who has walked an even harder path then I had and who has come out of it with the saving grace of Jesus Christ had a big impact on me. He answered all of my questions with such passion and joy; it was amazing to see just how much of an effect God can have on someone’s life.”

Jason says, “I started to read the Bible and attend church. Eventually I prayed one night and said to God that I believe His Son died for my sins, was buried and was raised up in glory and from then on I was saved, as the Bible says in Romans chapter 10, verse 9, ‘that if you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

“The main point that brought me to Christ was the realisation that I was, and still am, a sinner, and if I was to stand before God at that point in my life I would be going to hell, but our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ saved me.

“I have peace with myself because of the Holy Spirit that dwells in me and gives me the strength and ability to approach life differently.”

One of the ways in which Jason found his life changed was that he no longer enjoyed his habit of going to a bar alone to get drunk. “Whilst I was sitting in the bar, halfway through a drink, I stood up and walked out, never to do this again.

“The Christian life is a continuous walk and by no means do we become perfect when we come to [trust in] Christ. In fact, it is the opposite; we realise how imperfect we really are.

“My approach to life is to always rely on the Lord and not myself or my possessions and meaningless addictions.

“Becoming a Christian does not mean that you automatically get worldly possessions and a happy, carefree life, but it does mean that through the power and saving grace of God, we can look forward to an eternity with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

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