Believe it or not

By David Catchpoole

Antibiotic resistance pre-dates medical antibiotics

collecting samples
File photo: Collecting samples from permafrost

Permafrost samples taken from the Yukon territory in Canada, said by evolutionists to have been “continually frozen for 30,000 years”, have been found to contain a variety of bacterial antibiotic-resistant genes.1

They include genes for resistance to penicillin, tetracycline and vancomycin — “conclusive proof that these genes truly pre-date medical antibiotics”.

Of course this demonstrates the falsehood of claims that antibiotic resistance is evidence for evolution. Quite simply, these genes for antibiotic resistance did not ‘evolve’ in response to human development of antibiotics, because they already existed. Indeed, many evolutionists have known of this phenomenon for years.2

Survival of such antibiotic resistant strains in hospitals is evidence of natural selection — but this is not evolution. Natural selection is a phenomenon discovered by creationists before Darwin and still an important part of the biblical creation model.

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