Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

Internet scams reveal our need for love

Lately, it has been sad to see real life stories on television about women who have been conned via the Internet. The usual plot is that a lonely person has met a man on the social media who has cultivated her friendship and developed what has seemed to be a full-blown romance. The man finds his way into the lady’s heart and then into her bank account. Some victims have parted with tens of thousands of dollars as a result.

Typically, it is a lonely soul who has very real doubts about herself and not enjoying any sense of belonging to a family group; feeling like a nobody. Along comes a smooth talker, flattering with words, saying complimentary things the lady has never heard before. She responds warmly, thinking that she must be a much better person than she thought she was and glowing in the light of the love showered upon her. All collapses after she has given over her savings. How pitiful and sad.

Words can be so hollow; let-downs through crafty schemes so damaging.

Being valued is basic

Everyone has a need to be loved and wanted. It is essential for our happiness and well-being to sense that we have value, that we have a degree of importance, that we are accepted by others. Spare a thought for the rejected, the individual who is not wanted, or feels that way. This one is in the unenviable position of not belonging, of not fitting in, of being discarded. In today’s array of dysfunctional families and broken relationships, no wonder many people feel hurt and unloved.

There is a way out

It may look hopeless but it’s not. It can be said with great confidence that the Christian message, God’s Good News, is the one and only body of truth that can meet the need we have described. The most basic truth is that we are a special creation, all of us. God has great interest in His creation and has proved it. Think of this: God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans chapter 5, verse 8). Now there are some words that can be relied upon.

God cares; God loves — even when we are careless and rebellious. Because of infinite grace, His undeserved love, He gave the best of heaven. He gave His only Son Jesus, to die in our place for our forgiveness and acceptance. Those who put their faith in Him have His promise of new life and will never be disappointed. How good to belong to the family of God, a union that cannot be broken.

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