Sadness of death led to peace

After her fiancé’s death, Terri was thrown “into a darkness I had never known”

Terri Anderson
Terri Anderson lost her job and fiancé in a week

Departing an abusive marriage and lacking fulfilment in any job, Terri Anderson often wondered why life was not working out for her.

Searching for another path to happiness, Terri says, “I exercised like crazy but was still stuck in a rut. I couldn’t move, no matter which direction I turned.”

Terri says she realised she knew all the answers, but didn’t understand why things happened.

“I knew about God but didn’t know God,” she explains.

In her words, her family “went to church every time the doors were open” and she excelled as a child in her Bible knowledge.

Soon, her life was again turned upside down, as she lost her job and her new fiancé died just a week later.

“I was thrown into a darkness I had never known,” Terri recalls.

“In that darkness, I reached out to God for the first time in my life. I was lonely, hurt, confused and angry. God took those feelings and turned those into the beginning of a relationship between Him and me.

“There is a peace that comes when you know that circumstances are out of your control. The only thing we can control in life really is the way we react to those things. When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is a constant reminder that peace is just a prayer away.”

With her new found faith in Jesus as her Saviour, Terri began sharing what she believed and read in the Bible with others.

“I began talking with people about my experience and it was obvious they saw hope there... but just when I was comfortable, God turned my world upside down again.”

Leaving her job to take over a family business over an hour away, Terri says that, “As a female business owner in a business filled with men, I was totally out of my comfort zone.”

In the first month of owning the business, Terri found out that a key employee was stealing from the company and had to let them go. Her parents also moved away from the area, leaving Terri on her own.

“I continued this for over two years, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve been through. But what I got from this was invaluable. When your world gets turned inside out and you’re in an impossible situation, God will not let you down. That same peace was with me,” she says.

“During this time of soul searching,” Terri reflects, “I’ve found that people will always disappoint you. They love as well as they can, but love that has no boundaries is from God alone. When you have nowhere to turn, you can always turn to God. He never disappoints and is always there.

“I’ve also found my value as a child of God. All of those years I pursued my dreams and kept getting disappointed and falling short, but now I feel that I’m on my way to becoming complete.

“God is helping me realize my deepest dreams and what my true value is. I’m grateful every day for all of those things God has done for me, just because He loves me so much.”

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