Trust to move on

Helping others who have been molested has given Meagan the purpose she longed for

Meagan Warrington
Child-care worker Meagan Warrington is able to trust people again

At just nine years of age, a joyful singing and dancing Meagan Warrington, withdrew into fear and anger as her innocence was taken by a close family friend in a moment.

“At that age, I didn’t really understand what had happened, and I didn’t think anyone would believe me, because of how close this man was to my family; they would just think I wanted attention,” Meagan says.

But, over the next six months, bottling it up began to “eat away” at her.

“Losing all confidence, I became very quiet and withdrawn. I felt angry all the time, both at the world and at God.”

This anger led to Meagan feeling like she “didn’t want be around anymore” and she began self-harming.

“I came very close to taking my own life,” she confesses. “I thought that if God was real, He wouldn’t have let that happen to me. And if God wasn’t real, then what was the point in living?”

Feeling like she was at the point of no return, Meagan realised she had to do something different.

“If I couldn’t tell anybody about it, then I was going to try God. The worst that could happen was that He wasn’t real and nothing changed.”

“At age 10 I started asking the Lord Jesus to show me He was real, and if He was, to get me out of the hole I felt like I was in.”

“After a few days of praying, my mum asked me some questions related to this issue and it turns out it hadn’t happened to me only.

“I was able to tell my mum everything, receive counselling and turn my life back around.”

Knowing that Jesus was real and was caring for her, Meagan committed herself wholly to Him, and began a new relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

“I made the decision from then on, that no matter how big I thought my problem was, I was just going to give it to God. I couldn’t do anything in my own strength, it was all God.”

Even then, the question of “Why me?” remained, and she says that she now knows the answer.

“I was able to get through it, I was strong enough and found God,” she says confidently.

“Someone else may have taken that extra step and taken their life.”

Since that time, Meagan says she been able to help people who have been through the same experience.

“I have been able to bring people to Jesus, and help them turn their lives around because of what happened to me.

“It wasn’t that God was punishing me, it happened so that I might come to Jesus and to bring others to Jesus. I had to really find Him and trust in Him for myself.”

Now nearly ten years later, Meagan admits she still has issues with trust.

“I find it very hard to let people into my life, but I have to give it to God and let Him deal with it.

“God will never leave my side,

and so I know that when a new person enters my life, God has a purpose in it, and trust will come, if I just give it to God.”

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