Computers & Technology

by Darryl Budge

Apple iOS tricks

Download apps bigger than 50MB using mobile data

You’ll need two iOS devices (or an iOS device plus an Android device with mobile data). This method also helps save your mobile data.

  1. Switch on the Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile/tablet with a data service.
  2. Connect the iOS device to this Wi-Fi hotspot.
  3. Go into the App Store and make the purchase.
  4. Exit the App Store and find the icon of your new app — it should say “Waiting” underneath.
  5. When it switches from “Waiting” to “Loading”, touch the app icon once. It should now say “Paused”.
  6. Repeat for any other app purchases.
  7. Switch off the Wi-Fi hotspot on the first device.
  8. When you get back to a Wi-Fi network, touch the app icon for your paused downloads. They will now download without using your mobile data.

Or using a PC: Connect PC to iPhone’s Wifi sharing mode. Use iTunes on PC to purchase and pause download when it starts. Once you’re in Wifi coverage, use your iPhone to search for what you already purchased on the PC prior.

Improve Siri’s intelligence (iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+)

The iOS voice control app can initiate calls, dictate messages, or look up a basic internet query. To make it more intelligent, if you tell Siri “Joe Bloggs is my boss”, after that, Siri will recognise the command “call my boss”. You cannot set more than one sister or brother, though. Check out all the options in the “Contacts” app. Add a new field, select “Related People” and select one of the presented relationships.

While dictating, Siri recognises commands like “comma”, “period”, “new paragraph”, “cap” (say next word), “quote”, “end quote” and “smiley” for a smiley face.

If you use Apple’s “Find My Friends” app, ask Siri to “find Mary” and it will find your friend named Mary.

Siri can also add items to existing lists, e.g. “add doctors appointment to appointments list”.

If you want to use Siri while holding your phone to your ear, go to “Settings”, “General”, “Siri” and turn on “Raise to Speak”.

Siri can also search for an app, and the content of notes, calender appointments, emails, contact notes, etc. Eg. “Find the appointment about Gary” will return all appointments mentioning Gary.

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