By Ray Comfort

Knowledge ends fear


Just like walking into an elevator

Does God exist? Is there an afterlife? Should we be sceptical about the existence of either?

Wherever you sit on these questions, what you need to know is that almost every sceptic makes a huge mistake in thinking that a Christian is someone who believes in the existence of God despite an overwhelming lack of evidence.

Such a sceptic fails to differentiate between intellectual faith and implicit trust.

Lets say I step into an elevator on the 84th floor of a massive high-rise.

If I have no trust in the elevator, I will have a ton of fear. If I have absolute trust, I will have no fear at all.

The ingredient that makes the difference is knowledge.

If I have knowledge that the elevator is state-of-the-art, is computer operated, is daily checked, and I believe that knowledge, my trust will grow.

But if I personally inspect the two three-inch thick unbreakable steel cables that hold each elevator, my trust will grow more.

If I understand that the computer system has a backup, and immediately shuts down the elevator and calls inspectors at the first hint of trouble, my trust will grow even greater.

The more trust I have, the less fear will have room to plague me.

However, if I choose not to believe what I am shown about the computer system, the cables, the inspections, etc., I will be left to be plagued with my fears.

My trust in the elevator is a choice, based on knowledge that is simply believed.

Remember, that knowledge I have is more than a belief that the elevator exists.

So when it comes to the issue of God and salvation, the die-hard sceptic disqualifies himself before he even begins.

By choice, he refuses to intellectually believe that God exists, despite the overwhelming and axiomatic evidence of creation and the moral nature of the God-given conscience.

If you truly believe that God doesnt exist (which I doubt), you are what the Bible calls “unreasonable.”

But for the reasonable sceptic who understands that his existence is indeed hopeless (in the truest sense of the word), there is a wonderful hope.

A Christian has an experiential knowledge of God, that He is morally perfect and cannot lie. As the Bible says, “In Him is no darkness at all.”

The 10-kilometre-thick unbreakable titanium cables of His promises are absolutely worthy of the Christians trust.

The more the Christian trusts the promises of God, the less fear he has.

As the Apostle Paul says, “I know and believe and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him (my life) against the Day (Judgment Day).” He is saved from death and the terrible consequences of his sin.

Alone with fears

tall building

Devoid of hope, the faithless sceptic is faced with certain tormenting uncertainties.

Often, his pride will never permit him to admit that he has any fears, but they will come. He doesnt realize that “fear has torment” as the Bible says.

The seed of fear whispers, “What if?” What if Jesus spoke the truth and that God does consider lust to be adultery? What if He does see hatred as murder? What if He has seen and remembered every single secret sin, and every sinful imagination of the heart? What if Hell does exist?

Millions know what it is to be paralysed by a tormenting fear. It drives them to insanity, to drink, and it even drives many to suicide to escape its torment. The Bible calls death “the King of Terrors.”

So, whatever you do in this precious life of yours, dont reject the Saviour and die in your sins.

God says that each of us is in terrible danger, and He kindly provided a merciful escape from a justly deserved place in Hell, so that we can instead receive the gift of everlasting life.

But whatever you do, dont get “religious.” Dont try and clean up your life. You and I are like the thief pinned to the cross by the unforgiving nails of Roman civil law, who could only turn to Jesus and say, “Lord, remember me.…”

In the same way, we are condemned by the merciless Law of God, and all we can do is submit to Jesus as Lord and trust that He took the punishment for your sins.

In that moment, you will forever banish any “What ifs”, because He will give you faith as a gift. He will help you in your unbelief by giving you a new heart and new desires.

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