Scoffer becomes vibrant example

I never knew this was what I needed, says Paul Rose

Paul Rose
An Easter presentation changed Paul’s mind

The concept of a higher being who created the universe was once ridiculous to Paul Rose, as he recalls delighting in “making up dirty songs about God”, until he saw the evidence in a whole new way.

“I was a mocker and scoffer,” Paul remembers. “I used to watch Christian TV programs purely to laugh at people who worshipped God.

“I didn’t have many thoughts about where I would go after I died. I thought there would just be blackness.”

As was his usual habit, on Easter weekend in 1994, Paul turned on his TV to mock the people singing on ‘Songs of Praise’.

However, as he watched this episode that was filmed at Jesus’ tomb outside Jerusalem, he found himself responding in the opposite way.

“As I looked in that empty tomb, I felt like I wanted to go deeper into it. It was almost that I wanted to get inside it, and right there and then I believed that Jesus came, He lived, He died and He was resurrected.”

Realising that this might sound ridiculous to some, Paul adds simply, “Remember that I wasn’t looking for God, I made up dirty songs about Him, but He came looking for me.”

Immediately, something within Paul wanted to know more.

“I went to church and heard a man speak. My wife received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour, but to me I just couldn’t hear.”

Nevertheless, he felt the need to go back.

“The following week I felt the speaker was looking at me, and he was saying it to me. I started to burn up inside, and I now know that this was the Holy Spirit changing my heart, telling me that I needed Jesus.

“The next morning, while riding on a bus to the day centre where I volunteered, I gave my life to Jesus.

“I prayed a simple prayer and right there and then I know that I accepted the Lord Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour.”

From then on, Paul says God turned the priorities of his life right around, and he became excited about telling others about Jesus.

“Although I couldn’t read very well, miraculously, I could pick up the Bible and understand it.”

Paul recalls how God spoke to him a couple of months later, as he was listening to an audio Bible, “He spoke to me about sharing His love with others. I then took a job as an activities co-ordinator in a nursing home.”

At this new work, he led several patients into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, including a 97-year-old woman on her death bed, and another woman who had refused to eat or speak for many years.

“She came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and immediately apologised for the pain she had caused her daughter and family.

“A man with dementia, who had played the organ in church for 40 years, told me that Jesus was only a good man, and then he listened for 10 minutes as I explained that Jesus was God Himself who came down in human flesh, then that man accepted Jesus into his life.

“All this is God’s working,” Paul affirms. “I am just a normal man who still holds down a job as a night carer.”

There is a big difference between typical religion and Christianity, Paul explains.

To him, religion is looking for God on your own terms; however, Christians like himself all over the world testify that Jesus Christ reached out to bring them into relationship with Him.

Paul continues: “Jesus came for one purpose: to die for the world, for you and me, to take away our sins. I never realised what a sinner I was, and nobody could point it out for me, until God revealed it.”

To those who doubt God’s existence, Paul advises, “Ask Him whether He is real. But mean it when you ask Him. And I can guarantee that He will prove it.

“If you’re ready to wholly trust in Jesus, pray this prayer:

‘Lord Jesus, I thank you that you died for me on that cross, to take the punishment for my wrongdoing against You. I thank you that you rose again to give me eternal life. I thank you that when I die I have a place in heaven. Come into my life Lord Jesus I pray. Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit in me. And I ask this through the name of Jesus, Amen.’”

Paul Rose has self-published a book of his story, entitled My Story Through Testimonies, available or by order through Christian bookshops

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