True love does not die

Unloved by family, angry and lonely, Sara found a love that cannot be lost

Sara Acchura
Sara Acchura

The breakup of a family is never easy, but for Sara Acchura it was more than heartbreaking as her parents told her that she is the reason they got divorced.

“My parents got divorced before I was born because I was an unplanned pregnancy, and they made sure I knew that I was the reason for their separation,” Sara says sadly.

Worse still, her stepfather did not accept her either and would hit her mother because of his rejection towards Sara.

Tragically, at just age 12, Sara decided to leave her mother and stepfather and begin working to provide for herself.

“I spent many nights sleeping in the streets, full of anger and hatred, but always conscious that there was a God and He was watching over me,” Sara recalls.

Hindered by her anger and self-determination, Sara says that she did not understand who God was until five years later, when she watched a movie that revealed “how much God really loved me.”

“He loved me so much,” Sara explains, “that He had died on the cross to pay the penalty that my sins had incurred.

“And He shed His blood on that cross to cleanse me of all those sins, so I trusted in Him as my Saviour and asked Him to come into my heart.”

After that evening when she trusted in Jesus, Sara says, “all the bitterness and all those bad things disappeared and God has filled me with love and joy.”

Now a full-time student at a Bible college, Sara firmly believes that God will faithfully provide for her needs day to day, just as He saved her and guaranteed her a home in heaven.

“It is the same faith I placed in Christ for the forgiveness of my sins,” Sara explains simply.

“I am placing the same faith in Him to provide for my needs for the time I am spending learning about Him, His Word and His plan for my life.”

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