Cancer fright awakens life purpose

Rediscovering the value of life, student nurse searched for meaning

Gayle Logico
“Why me?” Honea Gayle Logico thought

During a physical examination required for enrolment in a private nursing school, Honea Gayle Logico heard the dreaded news that she had multiple breast cysts and might have cancer.

“I was required to have the largest cyst removed to get clearance for the college of nursing,” says Honea.

“Disheartened, I feared that the mass might be cancerous, leading to my death.

“I began to question God, ‘Why me, of all the ladies in high school?”

After minor surgery, the biopsy revealed that the mass was non-cancerous.

As she reflects on this experience, in which she had support of family and friends, she believes it did her good.

“The discovery of the cysts led me to value my life more than before, and it encouraged me to search for that very purpose of life on earth,” she explains.

She recalls finding a book written by a Christian that helped her find what that purpose was.

“My hunger for my life purpose led me back to the Creator of life Himself, Jesus Christ, and His Word, the Bible.

“I discovered that my life purpose is to worship Christ with all my heart, serve Him with my body, and follow Him so He receives glory.”

Having been raised in a Christian family, Honea recalls that at first she found Christianity and going to church just a weekly routine.

In 1998, at just age eight, she became convinced she needed to know Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

“I remember imagining Jesus in front of my heart, a heart as dirty as a dirty blackboard,” Honea recalls. “Then Jesus was erasing the black dots in my heart with an ultimate eraser.”

Over the following years, she continued to hear a lot about “Jesus dying on the cross for our sins”, but, she says, it was “in an empty, meaningless way.”

For years, she grew in her mental understanding of God, heard sermons at church, helped out at youth group, even taught Sunday school from her teen years, but something was missing.

Honea shares that it was not until her church ran a training course called ‘Evangelism Explosion’ in 2005 that she discovered the personal relationship with Jesus she was missing.

“God revealed to me the truth with regards to His forgiveness, the true meaning of grace, and the cost of obedience,” she says.

“The Jesus I knew all this time is not only a God whom I need to serve (that was my only concept before), but a loving Saviour, the ruler and Lord of my life.

“The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ became more meaningful to me. His sacrificial death became my life.

“I grew up not knowing the true meaning of what Jesus had done on the cross, as I did not let it change me. I finally came to a point of surrendering my whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ, committing to living my life in the service of the people who search for answers just like me.”

As a college student, Honea remembers this total change of allegiance to Jesus Christ resulted in a new excitement to “go to school every day and share God’s goodness and grace through Christ.”

She passed the Philippine Licensure Exam for Nurses in 2008, and began practising as a medical-surgical bedside nurse in a private institution, where she gained practical skills as we well as experience in how to help people spiritually.

“In the nursing profession, I know that I will encounter numerous people who would also ask ‘Why me?’ And as I have discovered the answer, I desire to be an advocate of God’s good news to every seeking person.

“I yearn to live this one life giving glory to the one true God who saved me!”

Today, as she works, studies and provides spiritual guidance simultaneously, she explains there are moments of exhaustion and tiredness, “but God constantly serves as my hope”.

“God’s constant reminder of what matters directs me to continue and wait upon Him.”

In the future, she hopes to work as a medical ally in an overseas mission work.

“All the lessons I will gain, all the skills I will develop will be valuable to accomplish a part of my vision,” Honea says.

“I want to influence uprising nurses to commit themselves in the work of the Lord to the world, for the people.”

One of Honea’s favourite Bible verses is from Philippians chapter 1: “My deep desire and hope is that I shall never fail in my duty, but… be full of courage, so that with my whole being I shall bring honour to Christ, whether I live or die. For what is life? To me, it is Christ.”

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