By Oscar Duan

My journey to an important decision

Oscar Duan
Oscar Duan

I was born in South West of China, the city is called Chongqing. I have been living in this so called “mountain city” for 19 years, where I completed my primary and secondary school. In those 19 years, I never heard about the word “Christian”.

After I completed my high school in the year 2005, I went to Malaysia to continue my university studies. The University of Hertfordshire in England (UH) has an international campus in Malaysia called the INTI International University College. Students come from all over the world to study at the ‘UH’ Malaysian campus.

As my first language is Mandarin, not English, I had to complete an English foundation course before I was allowed to start any major course at the university. I met Kang, who is from South Korea, in the English foundation class. She was very friendly to me, so we became good friends in the three month English course time.

Once I completed the English course, I enrolled as an accounting student in my second semester in the university. In the class, I found some of the accounting classmates would go to church every Sunday morning. At first I felt weird around them; in a sense I was comparing myself with them, I always put Sunday to better use such as sleeping in till lunch time.

One day, I was having a ‘gathering dinner’ with English course classmates, and Kang was there as well. During the dinner, Kang and I had a very long chat, which was unusual as we were both busy. We had not seen each other for quite some time.

I could not remember how we started the conversation about going to church, and then she invited me to visit her church, which was located in Kuala Lumpur City. At that time, all I could imagine was the different shapes of church buildings. But I had no idea how people worship inside the building. However, I said “no thanks” to Kang’s invitation by using an excuse as I needed to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

For the next couple of times when I met Kang, she always mentioned about visiting her church. Finally, I felt that I could not say no to her any longer, and finally I went to church with her one Sunday.

The church is called “City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur”. The church building is not a traditional building, but a modern one, the service starts at 10:00 am every Sunday.

After I was welcomed warmly by the ushers, I stepped into the church hall, and was so amazed by the inside of this building. There was a ‘big performance stage’ in the front centre of the church, the musical team were playing the instruments and leading the singing.

After the singing, Pastor Kevin, a Chinese man in his 30s, gave the congregation a sermon that centred on how God loves us and gave His only Son Jesus Christ so we could have forgiveness for our sins.

I was so touched by the Spirit of the Lord after the sermon presented by Pastor Kevin. I remembered when I was listening, more than once I felt like crying out to God. At that time I could not tell the reason why I had that kind of feeling. Now I realise that my heart was woken by the power of God’s love.

After the first visit to church, I attended each Sunday service from then on. And on the 26th May 2006, I made a very important decision in my life that I wanted to follow Jesus Christ.

I finished my university life in Malaysia in November 2008, and migrated to Australia to be with my parents on the same month. I believe God have a special plan for each one of His children. My advice is to trust in the Lord and follow the path God has planned for each one of us. Along this path, we will feel the love of the Lord day by day, as He guides us in life.

Oscar Duan has an accountancy degree from University of Hertfordshire (UH) International campus in Malaysia, and has undertaken further accountancy studies in Australia for accreditation here. He is married to Heyley.

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