Reunited as secret life ends

Dream partnership revived by miraculous answers to prayer

Cecilia and Mauro
GLAD COUPLE: Cecilia and Mauro

After being physically abused by her father as a child, Cecilia Prad de Nemi thought that her boyfriend Mauro was the ideal man until she discovered he was hiding a crushing drug addiction.

Recalling the abuse she suffered at just eight years of age, Cecilia says: “My brother and I were very afraid of my father, so much so that out of fear, I never told anyone, not even my mother, of the way he abused me.”

Following a short-lived relationship in her teens and having her first daughter, being with Mauro and having another child, was “like a dream come true,” according to Cecilia.

Then, a year into their relationship, she found Mauro passed out from a convulsion.

In the hospital, Cecilia discovered it was caused by drug abuse.

“I was so naive,” she admits. “I didn’t smoke or drink and had no idea that Mauro was doing drugs.

“The doctors could not explain how he was still alive after his overdose and they said that his body cannot stand any more drugs in his system.”

Mauro repented for a time, before he began injecting heroin and his personality changed so greatly that their family began to fall apart.

Her family advised her to leave Mauro, but Cecilia decided to begin praying to God for help, as she could do little while caring for her child and a newborn baby.

“I was always aware of God’s presence and His care over us, even in the details such as the speed with which the ambulance arrived when Mauro overdosed,” she says.

“I knew that God was the only solution to our predicament, and the only one that could give me peace, joy, love, happiness and the help we needed.”

The troubled couple turned to two uncles and an elderly grandfather on Mauro’s side of the family for help.

“We began to study the Bible and I began attending a Bible church, and there they explained to me the desperate situation I found myself in before God.

“According to God’s Word the Bible, I am a sinner, and I carry the burden of those sins. But God knows everything about us, and He has done everything for us, even as far as dying on the cross in order to pay for the death penalty that our sins had created.

“The one thing that Jesus, God the Son, can’t do is to take our burden away for us. So that day in the church, I believed in Him and trusted Him as my Saviour.”

Cecilia says that all it took to start a new life was “a simple prayer of faith, believing that He died on the cross for my sins, and asking Him to forgive me of all the things I had done wrong in the past.”

At this church, Cecilia says they were received with open arms, and her husband went to a Christian rehab centre where he not only overcame his drug addiction but learned about the Bible and God’s plan for his life.

“Until this day, we continue to learn and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, giving Him the first place in our life, and be willing to be used by Him wherever He wants.”

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