Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

Swimmers display the “gradual revolution”

Headlines recently shocked readers with the revelation that an Olympic swimming team had been in a toxic environment during the London games.

London Aquatics Centre

Reports of alcohol abuse, sexual capers, ill-feeling, insubordination and lack of leadership combined to make disappointing press. Instead of a co-ordinated, disciplined, dedicated group of well-trained athletes there was a rabble of playboys and playgirls dicing with their reputations and the honour of their country.

Unfortunately, sport everywhere is having serious questions asked of it because of the behaviour of individuals.

What’s happening? Are we witnessing a cultural revolution? Remember, China had one last century with disastrous results. Our revolution is slower, happening through a few generations, but a revolution just the same.

The dictionary defines culture as “the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge which constitute the shared bases of social action.” Think of some of the changes that have brought us to where we are now.

  • There was a time when we looked out for the welfare of others, especially mates. Today so many don’t care, don’t warn, and don’t step in to help.
  • Once sobriety, acceptable speech, and restrained behaviour was the norm. Now, watch out. Anything can happen with a “who cares?” attitude.
  • To be courageous and to stand for decency, to be disciplined and to take responsibility for one’s decisions and actions was normal and drew respect. Among many today, virtue is a fault, but to follow the crowd, to get dead drunk and to be carried home is heroic.
  • Many of us grew up without putting anything into our bodies but recognised food and drink. Now, thousands inject, sniff, puff and swallow all kinds of noxious stuff and stipple their limbs and torsos with ink.

The only way we can rescue a generation from blundering down this track is to return to the idea that there are absolutes — values that never change.

Traditionally, sailors out on the open sea relied on reference points in the night sky to safely navigate.

If we have no reference point, our society is on its way to who knows where. Truth becomes anybody’s guess. But a changeless God and a changeless revelation speak of goodness guaranteed, a rock of eternal security.

The Lord Jesus said, “I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

Receiving Jesus’ life leads to enrichment, profound depth, and everlasting joy. Better than any human revolution has ever found.

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