Believe it or not

By Jonathan Sarfati and David Catchpoole

Water is ‘just right’ for life

Scientists have been puzzled, however, as to how H20 (water) molecules can exist in a stable network in the face of destabilizing quantum effects — i.e. “why water’s fragile structure does not break down completely.”

Now recent research comparing the quantum mechanics operating in water and ‘heavy water’ (deuterium oxide D2O) has confirmed that “water fortuitously has two quantum effects which cancel each other out.”2,3

Fortuitously? Surely not — it makes much more sense that such fine-tuning came about by design, not by accident. The evidence is overwhelming. As the New Scientist report on this concluded:

“We are used to the idea that the cosmos’s physical constraints are fine-tuned for life. Now it seems water’s quantum forces can be added to this ‘just right’ list.”

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