All for the kids

Formerly self-absorbed Jenni has dedicated her life to helping children

Jenni Meyer
Jenni with some of her students

It was quite a shock for Jenni Meyer to realise that she was a selfish person who wanted everything her own way. She has since had a complete change of heart and now runs Bible programs for children in South Africa.

“My life was about myself and my family, which did not leave much room for others,” Jenni says. “I believed that I should achieve the standards the world had set for me.”

For Jenni, Sunday was just another day of the week in which to work and get things done.

“Over time my family members began to go to church and would come to my house afterwards for lunch,” she recalls. “It was not long before my sister, her husband and my mother trusted in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.”

Jenni’s family invited her to church, which she accepted and she was soon attending the same church as her family.

“I can remember clearly understanding for the first time the depth of my sin towards God and how far short I was from His perfection.”

“I realised that I was not able to keep the commandments found in the Bible. I needed Jesus to save me from my rebellion towards Him and make me His child.”

She knew then that she was in desperate need of a Saviour because, in her selfish sinful state, she was not perfect before God and would not go to heaven. The only person who has ever been perfect is Jesus Christ, God the Son.

“I trusted that Jesus took the punishment I deserved for my sins, and I was forgiven and cleansed in God’s sight.”

The Bible in Romans chapter 5, verses 6-8 says, “For while we were still weak, at the right time Jesus Christ died for the ungodly [imperfect sinners]. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person — though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die — but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

“However, becoming a Christian does not make one perfect,” Jenni says, “It just makes you forgiven and more aware of your need for God to be in control of your life.”

“Many times since being born again I have chosen to go my own way, but this has just shown me that I need to stay close to Him and His Word.

“The Lord promises us that when we receive saving faith, He will help us by reminding us of our continual need to rely on Him and the need we have for true repentance when we sin.

“The difference in my life since becoming a follower of Jesus is that no matter the difficulties, challenges and temptations, I belong to Him.

“It is in His strength and ability that I am able to live and serve Him,” Jenni explains.

Jenni is working in the township of Tembisa, South Africa as a missionary. She has begun a children’s ministry called Kids Gospel Ministry, working in many primary schools. Her and her team are taking school assemblies, afternoon Bible clubs, Saturday Bible clubs and THBC’s — Tembisa Holiday Bible clubs.

She is grateful to the Lord for changing her life and allowing her to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to children.

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