I read a book recently which said that children are not born obsessed with speed and productivity, we make them that way. Parents, wanting their children to be successful, push them into as many activities as possible.

The pressure on children to succeed in an ever-increasing number of activities has been called ‘hyper-parenting’. At its heart, the motivation is to make our kids more successful in an increasingly competitive world.

Is this really what will help our children the most? Perhaps a more helpful strategy would be to give our kids less activity and pressure and more love and time.

All of us need the same basic things from our parents. We all long for unconditional love and uncluttered time. These two gifts are harder than we imagine.

Before we can give unconditional love we need to have experienced it. Our ultimate source of such love is God. If we can know and experience God’s love, we have the ability to give that same love our children, which will save us from ‘hyper-parenting’.

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