Marriage rescued

Joe and Liz Veal
Joe and Liz Veal

As a golf course architect for Arnold Palmer, the multi-millionaire businessman and extremely popular American golfer of 1950’s and 60’s fame, Joe Veal shared in Arnold’s extraordinary success.

“I was a successful man by most standards, achieving fame and fortune and pursuing riches and recognition, but I was empty,” says Joe.

Then in his mid-30’s, Joe could try anything he wanted, was recognized by all around him, and enjoyed the attention of many women. He seemed to have all he could ever want, but it was still not enough.

“I was a heavy drinker and sexually promiscuous. My life was consumed with pornography and being unfaithful to my wife. Yet I was lonely and empty.”

One night Joe’s regular TV channel surfing was suddenly halted by a Christian man talking about things in the Bible. “He was not someone I would normally watch or listen to,” Joe recalls, “but that night I was overwhelmed by the message of Jesus’ love for me.”

This man explained that if we believe Jesus Christ took the punishment for all the wrongs we will ever commit against God and ask for His forgiveness, then we are forgiven and restored, and we begin an eternal relationship with God, our Creator.

“That night as a 34-year-old man God’s presence totally captivated my heart,” continues Joe. “As the man preached I fell to the ground and I confessed and turned away from my sin and asked Jesus to forgive me. I know I repented because I wept for four hours and I disposed of piles of pornography and all my alcohol and drugs. God changed me. The Lord Jesus Christ washed all my sin away!

“Three days later my wife returned to a different home. God rescued my marriage and my home. He so radically changed my life people could not believe I was the same person.”

Joe says he grew up in a church that felt spiritually dead, but he has now realized that Jesus has opened a new and living way, because of His death and resurrection.

Joe’s purpose for living is now very different. Joe believes that God wants to use him to help others and tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ, and that belief is centred on the Word of God, the Bible.

“My understanding of God’s grace and mercy continues to grow as I mature in my Christian life. I praise God that He has allowed me to be present when He rescued thousands of people. My prayer is that God will glorify Himself through my life.”

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