Searching for one true God

From idols and a guru to historical figures; who would Rajes choose?

Rajes Murthy
Rajes Murthy.

Idols were a reality in the life of Sri Lankan-born Rajes Murthy. As a young girl she grew up religious.

She felt emptiness in her life and sensed that what she was worshipping was not real.

“It was all about fear and punishment,” Rajes says. “There was no joy in the religious observances.”

Rajes’ mother converted to Christianity after her marriage. Although Rajes’ father did not become a Christian, he respected her religion and invited Christian missionaries into their home.

Rajes recalls: “Mum passed away when I was very young, but I can still recall Dad entertaining the missionaries who came around on Sundays. He even quoted verses from the Bible with them.”

When Rajes got married her husband and in-laws followed an Indian guru who taught them meditation on the heart, but she became dissatisfied with his teaching and look further for a more substantial God, for the truth she yearned for.

Thousands of kilometres away in the U.K., a grandmother’s prayer was answered when Rajes’ elder son converted to Christianity through friendship with Christians who shared the Bible with him.

One night in the student hostel where he was studying, he turned to God for help and suddenly his entire room was flooded with light, which Rajes describes as “the glory of God’s presence”.

“Needless to say,” Rajes remarks, “that changed my son’s beliefs and he truly believed in the existence of an awesome God.”

Once his studies were completed, Rajes’ son immigrated to Australia and in 1997 he invited his mother to visit him.

“God used this time to reach out to me, at every available moment,” she says. “He also surrounded me with Christian friends and before long I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.”

Hungry to learn more about her new faith, she began to study the Bible with a large group of women and discovered Jesus Christ as God in human form.

Far from an idol, she saw an almighty God so powerful that He could heal the sick, calm storms, walk on the water and feed thousands with only five loaves of bread and two fish.

Most miraculous of all, she discovered, He willingly took the punishment man deserved for rebelling against a holy God, by His sacrificial death from which He rose conquering the bondage of sin and death.

Rajes decided to trust in Jesus, as Lord of her life and the One who had taken the penalty for her sin. After she was married, she recalls that her dependence on Jesus was profoundly tested.

“My daughter had undergone an operation and the doctors said she would never bear children.

“This news devastated the whole family.”

“We earnestly prayed that God would give her and her husband a child. I knew that God could prove the doctors wrong. In 1999, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and in 2001 she gave birth to a baby boy!”

Seeing the evidence of Jesus Christ’s power, Rajes’ second son also accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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