A Little Nudge

by Karl Faase

Betrayal undermines our trust

Trust is central to relationships. You can’t build strong, deep and abiding relationships without trust. Yet in our community it seems to be getting harder and harder to find people we can trust.

A recent British survey found that among young men, up to 50 percent said they had been unfaithful to their partner and eight percent of them thought that being unfaithful was unacceptable.

So why were the other 42 percent unfaithful? The answer had to do with alcohol and opportunity. Imagine that, up to 50 percent of those who will read this have had their trust broken. Betrayal breaks our heart and undermines our ability to trust again.

So who can you trust and where do you go when you have been hurt? The life of Jesus recorded in the Bible shows that He was a person who loves unconditionally, that He can be trusted and that He waits for us to come to Him with our pain and cares. If you feel betrayed today, take your concerns and struggles to Jesus and allow Him to take care of you.

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