Finding joy ends alcoholism

Losing his job was the last straw for former alcoholic Kevin Vosloo

Frustrated with drinking “for any reason”, Kevin investigated the joy his parents and sister had

Retrenched: the word hit Kevin and Andrea Vosloo in April 2012 like a tonne of bricks, and when they looked for work, there was nothing.

For the longest time, Kevin remembers he was “always looking for true happiness and peace but never found it.”

Taking on a lifestyle of alcohol, sex, drugs and ‘rock ‘n’ roll’, he had tried various drugs but decided that alcohol was the most socially acceptable.

“I would drink if someone died. I would drink if someone got married. I would drink for any reason,” he says.

As result of his lack of happiness, he admits to being a very angry person. “I stole, lied, swore and even got violent to try and get things my way.”

He and his wife’s employers had given them a small retrenchment package, but they had big debts.

“Things were looking pretty hopeless and I could not see a way forward,” Kevin admits.

“I was drinking very heavy, a bottle of whiskey a day now and felt totally lost, angry, frustrated and hated the world.”

Now that money was scarce, Kevin became curious about the fulfilment his parents and sister Noeline had found in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a child Kevin had not needed God, but now he realised he did.

At his wife’s insistence that “maybe there’s something we’re missing”, Kevin visited his sister’s church several times.

“Every time God spoke to me, until the July 15, 2012, when God spoke to me from John chapter 3 about my need to be spiritually born again.”

Meeting up with the preacher the next day, Kevin recalls, “I was told that God so loved the world that He died for me even though I did not really want to know Him all this time.

“The preacher also explained that God wanted to set me free from my sins and grant me eternal life in heaven. If I surrendered my life to God, He would bring me the happiness peace and joy I so desired.”

That night, Kevin remembers, “I confessed my sins to the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked God to cleanse my heart and to come into my life as my personal Saviour. I do believe that God forgave me there and then and made me a child of God.”

A miracle happened that night, Kevin says; “I was free immediately from alcohol.”

“I had no craving, no side effects and no desire to drink. I thank God for that. I was told that God had forgiven me of all my sins. Wow!”

Back home, Kevin began a twice daily prayer and Bible reading time, and asked his wife to join him too.

“When I gave my heart and soul to the Lord, the Bible went from a bunch of words to a book with much meaning and so much to learn!”

Kevin also noticed that he did not swear any more. “I had prayed and asked Him to clean my heart and God did it all. I have discovered peace, patience and joy in my life.”

Now a year since their life-changing decision, Kevin’s wife Andrea has found full-time work, while he has not, but they have enough to cover the bills.

Kevin has turned down two positions in the media industry because the organisations explicitly declared a message opposed to the good news of Jesus Christ.

God continues to supply for their needs, Kevin says, as people give them money and food parcels.

“We have been shown lots of love and care from many other Christian brothers and sisters. I have never had such love and friendship like I have now.”

Kevin has not returned to drinking alcohol, even when his wife started drinking again and he could smell it in their house.

“I prayed and God delivered my wife from alcohol,” Kevin says joyfully.

“I appeal to you to please find God now. Don’t wait until it is too late!”

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