Adventures never end

David with his family
David with his family

As a giant sticker of an elephant from the Spanish International Circus moved past the waiting room window, David Lowe knew exactly what he needed to do.

This was not the first time David remembers receiving a sign that something big was going to change his direction in life.

At the age of 24 he remembers living a comfy laid-back Aussie lifestyle with a good job and good friends before feeling a strong sense to quit his job and travel around Australia.

"I had a sense that God wanted me to do something – to leave everything and go," he says.

Although he did not grow up in a Christian home, David says he used to read the Bible from a young age and God spoke to him clearly through it.

One verse that stood out to him was from Romans chapter 6, verse 23, which says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Even as a child, he knew he had done some wrong things and that the only way he could have eternal life was by asking Jesus to be his Saviour and change his heart.

"I realised that I'm a sinner saved only by God's grace," he says.

Since that day David says he has felt God's guidance and direction through reading and studying the Bible and through a lot of prayer.

"I never dreamt of going overseas""That's what's great about following Jesus," he says. "His Word is powerful to save us and to lead us."

David knew there was nothing he could do to earn his salvation but he wrestled with Jesus' words in John chapter 12, verse 25, which says that those who love their life – and doing their own thing - will lose it.

He decided that if he were to truly call himself a follower of Jesus he would need to choose not to do his own thing but instead ask God to guide him.

David his Kombi
David as a young traveller beside his Kombi van

"I wanted to go help out in the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities, but before I got there, I ended up in Russia, Spain and West Africa. I never dreamt of going overseas but God convinced me," he says.

After attending a bush dance in Melbourne he met an old friend who asked him if he would like to go tell others about Jesus in Spain.

The thought stuck in his mind and, as he sat waiting for a medical check-up, he prayed hard for God to give him a sign of confirmation that this is what he should do...cue the Spanish International Circus truck.

"I'm sitting there in this doctor's waiting room looking out through a large window praying, 'Lord, do you really want me to go to Spain?' Then ever so slowly, a Spanish Elephant went passed the window," he says. "Well, after that, I got the message!"

Since then, David has followed God's calling to be involved in various roles including everything from youth guidance work to running a surf club, working as a community liaison officer in Alice Springs to driving buses to Uluru, working as an engineer to studying at Bible College and finally pastoring a church while operating the local power station.

Every time David prayed: "Where to now, Lord?" God took him on a wild adventure he never dreamed he would go on.

At present, he feels God's clear direction to serve as Western Australia's State Officer for FamilyVoice Australia and is speaking up for family, faith and freedom in the country.

"When Jesus calls us to follow Him, we can recognise His voice," he says.

"The challenge is to trust Him - wherever He leads. It won't all be easy (and you could end up anywhere), but he gives us incredible freedom: freedom from our sin and the free gift of abundant life!"

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