A little nudge

By Karl Faase

Information is not knowledge

combat drone
New US-made unmanned combat drone gains knowledge by filtering information

Have you noticed the amount of information available today? The World Wide Web is just one example. As well as the web, around 2000 new books are published every week and more than 1600 daily newspaper put out 62.3 million copies per day in the United States alone. It is believed that the amount of information doubles every four years.

Does this me we are becoming cleverer? Are we more knowledgeable? I don't think so. Knowledge is the ability to discern and apply information, rather than just knowing it.

It has been said that we are drowning in information but are starved of knowledge. Information will certainly tell us about our world, but knowledge will help us discern the Creator behind our world. It was once thought that science would disprove God. However, I believe that the more we know, the more we can understand our need for God and a world created by Him.

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