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By Alan Bailey

Longing for peace

Noise can nearly drive you mad. Loud music from next door, the television yelling its commercials, the incessant barking of a dog, children screaming, even the snoring of the person next to you in bed are all designed to test your patience. The word 'peace' has a nice ring about it; the concept most welcome to everyone. But how hard is peace to find! A retreat to a place of quiet, when you find it, can be a tonic to the soul.

Rest from conflict

What is worse than noise is strife. Home is an unhappy place if husband and wife are in conflict or when siblings fight or disagree violently with parents. Peace is an experience longed for but only found when changes are made. Increasingly, we hear about neighbours arguing over the fence, calling names and taking each other to court. Then, we have all heard of road rage, an amazing phenomenon. Oh dear, peace seems to be a distant fantasy.

It gets bigger

Who is not tired of reports of war in different parts of the world? The horrors of this kind of conflict we will never get used to. The suffering war inflicts is too much for most us to think about. We just long that it would all cease. Will it ever? Hasn't history been full of it? Are there signs of it going away forever? Here the Bible helps. It has forecast so much which has been fulfilled exactly and has never been wrong. About this matter it tells us that there will be worldwide peace when the Lord Jesus comes back. God will see to it that nations live in harmony.

Another kind of peace

While we are occupied in struggling with these pressing issues, we are not thinking about the relationship we have with God. He points out that we have made ourselves His enemies by our rebellion. We defy His authority, living just how we choose. This causes what the Bible calls enmity, and is the bedrock reason for our lack of peace in other areas. So we have another case where peace is sorely needed. Thankfully, God has taken the initiative. The peace we need can be found because Jesus took our place, accepting the penalty for our sins. God is satisfied with this sacrifice and offers peace to those who will surrender to His Lordship. Being justified by grace we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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