by Ray Comfort

Which historical theory is more intelligent?

A television news bulletin showed a clip of a poor woman whose face and hands were chewed off by a 200 pound pet chimpanzee that was allegedly on some sort of medication. The TV anchor-man warned viewers that what they were about to see was graphic, and it certainly was. The woman no longer had a human face. She had no face at all. She didn't have a nose, a mouth, or even eyelids. Her hands were chewed off and she had to eat through a straw. And we think that we have problems.

Now, here's the point. The world's greatest surgeons didn't know how to recreate (let alone create) her face. The problem was that she didn't have any features for them to work with. So they couldn't give her eyelids, a nose, a mouth or even hands. A naive person may ask "Why not?" A nose is just a nose. Not so. A nose is made of living, breathing skin, blood, blood vessels, glands, nerves, muscle and cartilage. Human beings can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells, which are detected by specialized receptor neurons lining the nose. It's thought that there are hundreds of different receptors, each encoded by a different gene and each recognizing different smells. Making a nose is no small feat.

The mouth is made of the softness of lips, blood vessels, blood, nerves, and salivary glands. Working eyelids are also a slight problem. Think of what they do. They are like automatic windshield-wipers that come down as fast as the bat of an eye, and they are perfectly curved to match the eyeballs. So, how would you start to make an eyelid?

While we are on the subject of the eye, think for a moment about how incredible God must be, to make your eyes. Each of your amazing eyes has 137 million light-sensitive cells. The focusing muscles in each of them move an estimated 100,000 times a day. How utterly unspeakably incredible is the genius of Almighty God, and how wonderful is it that He was manifest in the person of one Man—Jesus of Nazareth. All things were made by Him. Jesus, God's only Son, coming to earth and taking on human flesh, is truly mind-blowing.

I remember from the moment I became a Christian, nothing looked the same to me. The human eye was no longer just an eye; it was the handiwork of God. The sun was no longer just something to provide warmth and light, but it was an expression of the power of God. It amazed me to think that He spoke it into existence. Nothing created itself. This entire universe is the work of His wonderful hands.

If the greatest minds of men can't create a nose, an eyelid, a flower, a frog, a bird or a bee—from nothing, how intellectually deceitful is it to say that this entire creation came into being without an intelligent designer?

Courtesy Living Waters.

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