Help came at last breath

Sudden illness triggers desperate cry from mining engineer

Aaron Travis
Aaron Travis

Even with a high-paying and satisfying career in the WA mining industry, engineer Aaron Travis knew he needed a tangible answer to his personal struggles that no amount of money could solve.

"My marriage was struggling, my wife had miscarried and I had no genuine friendships," Aaron admits.

This thirst for something better came to a head one evening when he became very ill and stopped breathing.

"It felt like something had me by the throat and life was draining from me. At the last moment I felt like I could see eternity and it was the darkest most terrifying blackness I could imagine."

Immediately recognising he needed supernatural help, Aaron decided he would call out to the Name that he knew was God.

For years, Aaron had been thinking about the Christians he had come to know, who he says, "had what I was looking for: peace and joy."

Now facing the terror of death, Aaron recalls, "I had one thing on my mind; Jesus.

"With every last ounce of breath I called out to Him and immediately felt myself being pulled away from the darkness."

Then for the first time he prayed. "I thanked God and told him I would do whatever He asked."

Weeks later, Aaron met an elderly couple who gave him a Bible.

"They encouraged me to make a decision to surrender my life and plans to Jesus," he says.

"That night, alone in my room, I read the back cover of the little Bible and finally after three years of running, I gave my heart to Jesus."

As he looks back on that terrifying night, Aaron is grateful that God has sustained his life and blessed his family.

"I thank God He has allowed me to stick around to share His love with as many as I can," he concludes.

"Now my wife is a born-again Christian, and my three children love the Lord, and love going to church with their friends.

"I am so very grateful for the many good friends and blessings in my life."

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