Tips for life

By Alan Bailey

Treasure the truth


An old proverb says "Buy the truth. Don't sell it!" (Proverbs 23:23). Poor old truth is bruised and battered today. It is said that truth is the first casualty when war breaks out. War or no war, truth has now become a sad case that is hard to find, no matter how earnestly we search for it.

Think of the commentary we hear on television about how con men thrive, taking down defenceless widows, and in fact, all kinds of people with well-practised lies. They will build your house, invest your money, marry you or one of a thousand other empty promises that leave victims in a mess. Think too, of the advertising that promises so much about price, quality and delivery that proves hollow. Not to mention politicians and their fragile vows about what they will do for the people. It all leaves us a bit disillusioned, doesn't it? We sometimes ask "who can we fully trust?"

Of course, some situations carry more significance than others. Being on the receiving end of wrong information can cost you your possessions or even your life. Remember explorers crossing land and sea who perished because of factual errors. Then there are crowds who right now are acting on flimsy grounds when faced with life's ultimate outcome. "When I'm dead, that will be the stone end of me" is one common lie. Another is "If God is there, He'll welcome me because I'm as good as the next person." Countless people want to explain Jesus Christ as no more than a human teacher – a very serious untruth. What is so ironic is that folk tell the lie to themselves and then believe it.

It is amazing that in life situations we want the truth and nothing but the truth. Yet when we move to the big questions, we run for cover. So many believe far-fetched and ill-founded claims propagated by philosophers, gurus and cult leaders, yet will not give the Christian gospel a fair hearing. Pilate, the Roman governor at the trial of Christ asked cynically "What is truth?" Apparently, he too found truth elusive. But standing before him was One who said "I am the truth." Everything about Jesus pointed to the truth. His words were backed up by His actions. Yes, even dying for our sins in our place.

Some may wonder that Christianity has proven to be the true answer to life's questions as they look at history. Many things don't match up. This is not because the truth was embraced, but because it wasn't. We have seen, and still see, the general refusal of the offer of the Gospel. Where The Lord Jesus is truly known and obeyed, the proof is plain and obvious. Come, find out. He is all good.

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