A purpose through trials

She has battled breast cancer, the death of her best friend, and her husband’s struggle with a rare autoimmune disease, but nothing can take away Jenny’s hope.

Jenny Choveaux
Craig and Jenny Choveaux

Despite many ups and downs, Jenny Choveaux continues to face life with a smile because, she says, she has "always had a reason, purpose and an unexplainable peace throughout it all".

As she grew up in the small town of Nigel, South Africa, she remembers that the miraculous healing of her younger brother convinced her 'church-going' parents that God was not only real but that He was also present through all their circumstances.

"When I was five years old my newborn baby brother contracted whooping cough and was resuscitated so many times that the doctors finally decided to leave him, thinking he had already suffered severe brain damage," she says.

"My parents had just heard this news when a group, who had been praying for my brother, called to say that the Lord had impressed upon them that he was going to be okay."

True to this, Jenny's brother made a complete recovery, with no brain damage, and now works as a highly respected specialist surgeon.

Looking back, she says: "Even though I was very young at the time, I started to see a big change in my parent's lives after my brother's healing."

A year after this, Jenny remembers going with her parents to hear a Christian singing group, called "The Living Sound", perform at their local town hall.

The guest speaker later explained how each person could receive the free gift of eternal life by believing that Jesus Christ had made this possible through His death on the cross.

As a child she remembers feeling a tug inside her: A chance to live forever in heaven with God? "When the invitation came to trust in Jesus, I disappeared to the front," she says. "I just knew that was what I needed to do."

"Ever since then I have never felt fearful or anxious about death," she adds.

"I know that I will end up in heaven one day and that there is a greater purpose for everything I do on earth. I can always turn to God for comfort in hard times."

Remembering back to her battle with breast cancer in 2009, Jenny says she felt a peace, knowing that God was in control of her situation no matter what happened. She was shocked that others found it harder to deal with than she did.

The same thing happened a few years later when her husband was suddenly paralysed by Guillain–Barré syndrome, which took him over a year to recover from.

Although she could not understand the things that were happening in her life at the time, Jenny says she later saw God use those things to bring about blessing in her and other people's lives.

"Another example was when my best friend died unexpectedly when she was only 23, even though she planned to become a Christian missionary. I still saw other people's lives impacted positively by her death somehow," Jenny explains.

"I've learnt to trust God and His sovereignty in my life.

"Sometimes the worst things I have gone through have brought about really good repercussions later on, as strange as that sounds."

She finds encouragement from Hebrews chapter 10 verses 22-24, which says, "Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings...Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful."

She explains: "Sometimes I feel that God has made promises to me about certain things and then over the years it is incredible to see how He is always so faithful.

"Things don't always happen as you imagine they will, but I know that God always keeps the promises He gives us in the Scriptures."

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