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Some thought she must be living the dream as a world-renowned journalist and TV personality but Myrka shares the truth about her far-from-a-fairytale life

Myrka Dellanos
Myrka Dellanos

Crushed by three failed marriages splashed mercilessly across the magazine pages, broken-hearted Myrka Dellanos (pictured right) sought a new type of love to rebuild her life.

"I had been successful in life...except with regard to marriage," Myrka explained in a video post for the social movement 'I Am Second'.

Making a name for herself as the co-host of the popular Univision news program Primer Impacto, Myrka has also won multiple awards as a key representative for the Hispanic community in America.

Her biggest dream like many girls, however, was to meet her true love and live happily ever after with Prince Charming.

"You put on a wedding dress and get in front of the mirror and laugh with your friends about when you are going to get married," she reminisces.

"You never think: 'I'm going to get married and then I'm going to get divorced.' Right? We don't play divorce.

"You think: 'this person is going to be my protector. Everything my father didn't give me, this person will fulfil this need.' And it didn't happen like that."

Eight months after meeting an attractive young doctor, Myrka married him with high hopes for the future.

Seven years later, after having their first daughter, their marriage spiralled downwards and ended in divorce.

"Now I realise I carried on in disobedience to God," she admits openly.

Ignoring the nagging feeling that she had placed the importance of having a husband above God, Myrka says she "looked at everything through rose coloured glasses" and jumped into her second marriage two years later.

Then, before the end of the year, her husband told her that he did not think he could be with one person for his whole life and that he needed to go away to think.

"Oh, it was like I was being poured a bucket of freezing water," she recalls.

"I said: 'Okay. Two days. He will return on Thanksgiving Day, family will be here, I will be cooking. I continued with my plans, right?"

He did not return for 10 months.

"I didn't want to open my eyes in the morning because it was there waiting for me, because I would be opening my eyes to the pain and the nightmare," she remembers sadly.

They eventually got divorced through the mail and did not see each other again.

Her next marriage ended even more dramatically after her third husband was arrested for domestic violence and confessed to her that he had lied about his true character so that he could marry "Myrka, the one from the television".

"I just said: 'God help me, God help me! I don't know how I am going to get out of this'," Myrka says.

"Another bucket of freezing water; it felt as if hell itself had been raised in my house."

It was then, amidst her suffering and pain that Myrka says she began to understand how God must feel every time people, who He loves dearly, do wrong by Him.

"When I do something wrong, when I sin, He also feels a bucket of freezing water is being poured on Him and I always think: 'what would my life have been like if I had done what God wanted?'" she says.

"It is difficult to hear: 'Look at her, she's been divorced so many times. Obviously, there must be something wrong with that person, right? And I imagine what people must think of me.

"But I also know that God uses these weaknesses and these paths in our history to tell a story so that some other person who comes later won't fall into the same mistake."

After realising that she had spent years chasing her own desires instead of nurturing her relationship with God, Myrka prayed for forgiveness and determined to focus her attention back on Him.

Choosing the right partner to marry is a pivotal life decision but Myrka says accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour of her life was the most important decision she, and anyone else, could make in life.

"I know that He saved me. I have been saved from my mistakes. I have been rescued from these alleys with no escape. Rescued from these depths; from that pit where I needed to stretch my hand out so that He could take me out," she explains.

"Everything God wants for us is beautiful, positive and good.

"My life now is filled with hope and belief in that future that God has promised me. And more now than ever before, God is real, God helps us, He is permanent in our lives. If we don't feel Him it's maybe because we are absorbed in some other place.

"I give thanks to God every day because he has been patient.

"I will continue to serve the Lord. There isn't any other way for my life.

Of late, Myrka has authored notable books about her journey and was named a spokesperson for 'I Am Second', a movement to provide spiritual inspiration and hope to individuals dealing with various life issues, such as abortion, divorce, and child abuse.?

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