A little nudge

By Karl Faase

Exploding choices


Did you know that the average US supermarket stocks 30,000 different items? There are 285 varieties of cookies, including 21 types of chocolate chip cookies. We live in a society that offers us more and more choice every day.

While having a variety of products to choose from can improve our quality of life, it doesn't always follow that because choice is good, more choice must therefore be better.

Our choices are multiplying in every area of life: shopping, entertainment, financial services and spirituality. From Eastern mysticism, to New Age philosophy and the new interest in Wicca, we are presented with more and more choice when it comes to religion. The question, however, is not which religion or belief system I like, but "Which one is trustworthy?"

Jesus didn't say He was another choice, but rather that He was, 'the way, truth and life.' Christianity is not another choice, but a statement of belief. Be sure you base your spiritual choices on belief and trust, not lifestyle.

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