Good versus evil baffled scientist

Markus Blietz
Dr Blietz “never felt content with the evolutionary worldview”

Despite a brainy Ph.D. in Seyfert galaxies and theories of their supermassive black hole centres, astrophysicist Dr Markus Blietz was so floored by a mental burnout that he had to re-examine his evolutionary world view.

After losing his father to cancer, Dr Blietz says he had mental fatigue "so extreme that I could not even read one single word any more!"

"Even the smallest decisions were too much for me," Dr Blietz says. "Basically my brain, the instrument which I trained all my life and which I was proud of, all of a sudden went out of operation."

Immersed in secularist theories from a Munich education in extraterrestrial physics, Dr Blietz admits he wrestled with the fact that secular science could not explain the reality of good versus bad and began reading a Bible he found at his home, desperately looking for answers.

"I read the Gospel according to Matthew," he recalls. "Almost immediately I understood that Jesus was a real, historical person; that He came to fulfil a mission; and that I needed Him urgently."

In 2008, a Christian friend lent him a small booklet that "explained the full plan of God, from the beginning of the creation, to the coming of Jesus on the earth, His crucifixion and resurrection, His second coming, the final judgement and the creation of a new heaven and earth."

"I knew this was the truth," he says. "In the booklet there was also a prayer, where one confesses his sins and gives his life to Jesus. I did not hesitate for a minute."

Dr Blietz's commitment to following and trusting Jesus did not mean that his highly scientific mind would have to be switched off, instead it motivated him to consider alternative possibilities to the evolution theory that coloured his science.

Having published papers in astrophysics journals on Seyfert galaxies, Dr Blietz recognises that current measurements of time say they are 50-200 million light years away, but he explains that there are "more scientific explanations" using General Relativity from Dr John Hartnett and Dr Russel Humphreys, who propose time dilation effects during Creation.

“I understood that Jesus was a real, historical person .... and that I needed Him urgently”He explains, "In their models, at the beginning of creation, time on earth went much slower than time near the edge of the universe (based on the Bible, they assume an edge and centre to the universe). While only 24 hours passed on Earth during Day Four of Creation Week, billions of years passed in the distant parts of the universe. This way light from the stars would have enough time to travel from even the most distant parts of the universe to earth."

Logically, Dr Blietz asks, "If the Bible is not reliable in its historical statements, how can it be true in other statements? If Jesus didn't speak the truth about Genesis, how could we trust what He was saying about sin, the cross, resurrection and everlasting life?"

"Jesus Christ is the truth; and if He affirmed the literal creation of the world in six normal-length days, we Christians should do the same."

But what about science, which would be important to publish as a scientist?

"Science is a human endeavour to find truth about the world of matter. It is not fully reliable, because theories and models change over time," Dr Blietz argues.

"Also, science cannot say anything about the big questions of 'where do we come from, why are we here, and where do we go?' Science is limited in its abilities and should not step over the clear limits which have been set by God. Despite its limitations, science provides good support for the Bible."

Dr Blietz says he is able to list a number of areas in geology and biology, but also in his own field of astronomy like the existence of comets in our solar system.

"Comets are like dirty snowballs circling around the sun on highly elliptical orbits," he explains.

"Every orbit, they lose material, because they start to melt when they come close to the sun. After less than 10,000 years they should have disappeared completely. Evolutionist scientists have therefore 'invented' the so-called Oort Cloud, which according to their theory, should act as a source for replenishing the comets, and which they say is located in the distant parts of our solar system."

Despite intensive search for this, Dr Blietz says there is still not even the smallest piece of evidence in favour of this hypothesis.

"If the Bible is true, one would of course expect comets to still be 'alive', because 6,000 years is just not enough time for most of the comets to have melted," he explains.

Dr Blietz is also highly critical of the big bang dogma, which assumes the existence of so-called dark matter and dark energy.

"Neither of these have ever been observed in the laboratory," he argues.

"However, they are desperately needed to uphold the model and to avoid contradiction with the observational data. The big bang also has no reasonable explanation for the virtual non-existence of antimatter. This is the enemy of normal matter: when they meet, they annihilate each other with intense release of energy. But according to the model, an equal amount of antimatter and matter should have been generated."

In conclusion, Dr Blietz says only belief in Jesus Christ can open people's eyes and give them the correct view of our world.

"Before I was a Christian, I never felt really content with the evolutionary worldview, which I had adopted. Only the truth in the Word of God is able to give a full, comprehensive answers to our basic questions of death and life."

However, he warns that many in the scientific establishment will ridicule and persecute dissenters.

All the same, he says that we can "study science to be able to better serve God. And I think this is exactly what He wants every one of us to do: To use the gifts we got from Him and use them for Him, to the glory of Him and His Son, Jesus Christ."

Adapted article published with permission of Creation Ministries International,

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