Answers to common objections


Who made God?

This is a nonsense question like the common one you hear "to whom is the bachelor married?". The bachelor by definition is not married. God by definition (given in the Bible) is uncreated. There needs to be an uncreated first cause otherwise we have infinite regression (just 'caused causes' = infinite causes).

If God were real He would have made Himself more evident!

This view presumes to predict what God will do. However the Bible says there is a time and a season for all things and that God will reveal Himself to all men at an appointed time. Until then, people need to have the choice to love God freely – not to be forced into it because they know He lays claim on their souls. That's what free-will is all about and that is why God is holding off on the big reveal.

Jesus never existed!

Untrue. Even famous atheist (or anti-theist) Richard Dawkins had to retract his statement after making this claim. Almost all historians take the view that Jesus was a real person in history and the Bible has some of the best historical records of all the ancient documents we have.


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