A little nudge

By Karl Faase

Make the joy last


When interviewed after a victory, many sporting stars often say, "I will never forget this."

It's a strange thing to say, isn't it? I often wonder if what they are really saying is that they hope this victory will give them lasting joy and fulfilment.

Joy can be mostly elusive and fleeting. It's hard to find and it's harder to keep. That's why we often look for joy in the victorious or peak moment of our lives. When Paul, the Apostle, wrote to his friends, he often did so in very difficult circumstances. He was in jail, he was under pressure; his resources were low. Yet he talked of joy and living a life of rejoicing. In his prison letter to the Philippians, Paul wrote about joy 16 times and said "I will continue to rejoice" and encouraged them to "rejoice in the Lord always". This was not about a victorious moment, but an ongoing state of joy that was not dependent on how life was treating him.

Paul's joy was based on his relationship with Jesus. This meant he had confidence in the future, rather than being dominated by anything he faced in the present.

Is that your experience?

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