Research scientist relies on the Bible

Gary Baxter
Gary Baxter believes the Biblical record of the universe’s origin can defend itself

Upon meeting a Ph.D. scientist in synthetic organic chemistry from Monash University in Melbourne, some may be surprised that Gary Baxter uses his skills in research and analysis to ground his faith in the existence of the biblical God.

Dr Baxter worked as a research scientist on the development of alternative drug delivery systems but his focus changed as he became concerned with the growing public thought that evolution was the only logical explanation for the universe's existence.

"The Bible's creation story is the only intellectually believable explanation of the existence of all that there is," Dr Baxter says confidently.

"The alternative explanation, proposed by atheist cosmologists and evolutionists, is that in the beginning there was nothing [i.e. no matter] and at some time it exploded and from this explosion came a perfectly ordered cosmos, which spawned chemicals that formed themselves into life with all of its complexity and diversity – this is simply ludicrous."

Dr Baxter said he finds it difficult to accept the idea that something came from nothing, arguing that the "scientific idea" violates several laws of science, including the first and second law of Thermodynamics.

"The only alternative to this illogical and unscientific notion is creation by a Supernatural Being," he says. "This is logical, though outside the realm of science, as it fits with the facts and laws of science that we know of."

His passionate belief in Intelligent Design and God stems back to the early 1950s, where Dr Baxter said a friend took him and his sister to Sunday School each week.

Although his parents did not have faith in God till much later on, Dr Baxter remembers that he was about seven years old when he understood what Christianity was all about and his need to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

"Our teacher told me Jesus was my Saviour and I believed her. Jesus was real to me in the sense that He was and still is God and I had no doubt of His existence from that point onwards," he explains.

"However, as I studied at a tertiary level, I thought that I could harmonise the Theory of Evolution with my faith."

Dr Baxter said he learnt later that this could not be done because if there was no Fall, where sin entered the world through Adam and Eve's disobedience to God, then Jesus Christ died for no reason.

"In fact there is no need for such rationalisation because I believe biblical creation can clearly defend itself scientifically," he says.

Several personal experiences confirmed his faith in God over the following years and after retiring early, he devoted more time to sharing the reasons for his faith with others.

Dr Baxter was encouraged to turn a series of talks he had given into a book titled "A Defence of the Bible", which he says uncovers such things as "the complete intellectual bankruptcy of other religions; the total order and harmony present in the cosmos and at the other end of the scale; the incomprehensible complexity of a cell".

"Personally, a major reason for me to believe the Bible is the very large amount of archaeological discoveries, many this century, that have confirmed the people, places and events described in the Bible," Dr Baxter says.

"Of course the resurrection of Jesus Christ is further evidence for the Bible's authenticity; there simply is no other explanation for His disappearance and re-appearance. The people who would know for certain of His resurrection would have been His disciples and each, with the exception of John, gave his life on the basis of that truth.

"Adding to this, the amount of non-Christian literature written in the first and second centuries regarding Jesus Christ, His death and His followers were all some of what I discovered."

The positive response to his book has lead Dr Baxter to recently produce two booklets detailing other aspects and questions with titles like: 'How can you be certain of going to heaven immediately after you die?' And, 'The Bible or the Koran; only one can be true'.

Now retired in Melbourne, Gary was the founder of two successful businesses, firstly, an analytical chemistry service employing thirty chemists, before he turned to manufacturing topical creams and ointments with his sons.

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