Tips for life

By Alan Bailey

The joys of dreaming


Have you had any good dreams lately? Perhaps you day-dreamed of winning a Wimbledon, hitting the winning run, or kicking the winning goal. Others see themselves as great performers on stage or screen.

But, like a bubble, all dreams burst and reality sets in again.

Fantasy or reality

It seems that many people live on the edge of fantasy. They think in wishes; "If only I had..." is the way the thought begins. If only I was born good-looking; if only I had married into money; if only I had heaps of talent. So the list goes on, and, let's face it, we all indulge to some extent in this kind of wishing.

When reality sets in we realise that there are many gains and achievements that only a comparative few can have. Not many people in all of history are going to be fabulously rich or are going to be the world's number one in a particular field.

Choosing where to live

If we go through life doing little more than wishing, which of course changes nothing, life can be a dreary and disappointing thing. We will always be looking at better things from a distance, always hoping our ship will come in, putting up with the present in anticipation of a better tomorrow – a tomorrow which never comes.

The world of reality is the place to live rather than the world of fantasy. If we accept reality we will have the chance to know who we are, why we are here in this world and where we are going. And we have the great opportunity to know what we can do about the great issues of life rather than standing passively, watching life go by.

Where do we look?

The most realistic assessment of life, its meaning and values came from the words of Jesus. His authority to speak was made very clear by the proof He gave that He was and is God. He made it plain that we are God's creatures with meaning to our existence. He showed that we are out of touch with God and in great need of Him. In one place He claimed "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly." Right here, on planet earth, in time and space reality, Christ paid the penalty of our sins, rose from death and left us every good reason why we should believe and trust in Him.

The dream comes true

When a person turns from sin and comes to know Christ personally, many, many blessings become theirs. We can be called "children of God" and His heirs, not of a fortune on earth but of all that God has prepared for us in heaven. Meanwhile, peace, joy and forgiveness are daily blessings that are more than money can buy. The choice is yours; fantasy or reality?

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