Believe it or not

By Tas Walker - CREATION.COM

A new island!

(You don’t need millions of years)

New island
Both pictures from NASA Earth Observatory.
TOP: 23 December 2011.
BOTTOM: 24 October 2007.
The two islands, Rugged and Hancock, are each about 1km long.

Volcanic activity in the Red Sea that started late last year has created a new island off the west coast of Yemen. Fishermen witnessed lava fountains up to 30 metres (90 ft) high.

This is reminiscent of the island of Surtsey which formed by volcanic eruption off the coast of Iceland in the 1960s. In just a few years its geological features soon began to look 'old', e.g. wave action resulted in well-rounded boulders on the beaches. And the speed and manner of biological colonization of the island surprised evolutionary ecologists, too (Creation 30(1):32–34, 2007,

We look forward to what 'old' surprises this new Red Sea island will present to the millions-of-years paradigm once things have settled down sufficiently to enable investigative access by scientists.

Reference: As seen from space: Volcanic eruption creates new island in the Red Sea,, 28 December 2011.

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