Fitness trainer stunned by dreams

Eric Martin
Eric Martin impacted his boss due to the drastic change in his life

Tough inside and out, former British Army physical training instructor Eric Martin discovered in an unusual way that there was more to life than the present.

"As a PT instructor with 1QLR in Germany I had a few 'God dreams and visitations'," Eric remembers of his realisation that God existed.

"I wasn't really looking for God but I realise now that He was looking for me."

After discovering a Bible sitting in his St. George's Caye office in Belize, he read it out of curiosity.

"At night we would drink our body weight in rum," Eric recalls. "Then after the troops had been allocated their activities each day I would relax at the end of the jetty as far away from the mosquitoes as possible and read the Bible."

Eric considered looking further into Judaism but came across a piece of literature about Jesus as he unpacked at a new posting in Hong Kong in 1990.

"I read it, got on my knees and prayed, asking God to show me what to do, and then I heard an audible voice telling me to go to church," Eric says.

After going to one service that he describes as an "awful experience", he felt God tell him that he had been to the wrong service.

"I did wonder who this was speaking to me," Eric says.

"So the next Sunday I went to the family service and experienced the love and joy of being welcomed into God's family."

Filled with excitement about his new relationship with God, Eric admits he preached about Jesus to everyone on all occasions, despite their lack of interest.

"I didn't realise the damage I was doing to friends, colleagues and family. I drove them far away from me.

“Life is good...
and then you live!”

"A couple of years later, one man accepted Christ and became my closet friend and eventually my boss! He had known the 'before and after' Eric Martin, and the latter version had something he found attractive – that was Jesus in me."

This friend began attending the UK church that founded the well-known "Alpha course" and invited Eric to join the course as they both sought to understand Christianity in more detail.

"What an amazing experience. It was like discovering Jesus all over again. I then started running Alpha and started seeing people come to faith in large numbers," he says.

Being so impacted by the course, Eric went on to join the staff of Alpha International three years ago to promote it globally in the military.

"It's a great challenge. I love the work. Recently, some resources I left in Germany have resulted in Alpha beginning there."

Now living in Cyprus, where he completed his army service, Eric married his wife Angela and they have two children.

"Life is good...and then you live!" Eric shares enthusiastically.

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