By Carl Faase

Everybody's special


The explosion of television shows such as Australia's Got Talent, The X Factor and 'reality' shows has changed our view of fame. It used to be the province of 'others', those more talented or better connected than us ordinary folk. Yet fame is now within our reach. No wonder thousands of people line up for the chance to make it into Australia's Got Talent.

This explosion comes on the back of years of encouraging and developing the self-esteem of our youth, as well as helping them understand that they are individual and special. But we all need to keep in mind that insightful line from the movie, The Incredibles, "If everyone is special, then no one is special."

What makes you and me special? Are we special because we are famous, or because we are better or more talented than everyone else?

We are special because we are uniquely and individually created. Not only by our parents, but by God. God has known you from the beginning. He loves you, and wants to you to be in relationship with Him by believing in Jesus' sacrifice on your behalf. Now that's really special.

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