Want to buy ethical products?

With mounting pressure on the electronics industry to ensure worker rights are respected, Nokia was found to be the only electronics company out of 39 investigated who demonstrated they were paying workers sufficient wages to meet their basic needs in countries like India and China, according to a new Electronics Industry Trends Report.

The research, conducted by international aid and development organisation, Baptist World Aid Australia in conjunction with their partner Not for Sale, a U.S. antislavery Campaign, is the second report in the Behind the Barcode series released by the organisations, stemming from a need to educate consumers to shop ethically.

Behind the Barcode is a series of industry reports seeking to empower consumers to purchase ethically, and by doing so, encourage companies to ensure workers are protected and not harmed, that they are rewarded, not exploited and that they work free from the tyranny of modern slavery. The guides grade 128 fashion brands and 39 electronics companies operating in Australia, and assess the systems they have in place to protect the workers in their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour.

Individuals can order a digital copy of the Ethical Electronics Guide to help them shop ethically by visiting Baptist World Aid's website A download of the full Electronics Industry Trends report is also available at this website.

In the Behind the Barcode fashion report, Fair trade clothing brands receive the highest grades. Other fair trade clothing brands in Australia can be identified at

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand also produces a Fair Trade Shopping Guide which you can order directly from them.

Source: Baptist World Australia

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