A Little Nudge

By Karl Faase

Evidence of a genetic imprint

Every parent knows the experience of looking at their children and working out which bits came from you. Is that your eyes, your hair or maybe your nose? Our physical characteristics are passed on to our children.

The same is true of our Maker's imprint on us. The Bible tells us that we are created "in God's image". So what does that mean? I believe it means that we reflect the God who created us.

We can see this in three specific areas. Firstly, our love, which is often selfless and unconditional. Secondly, our creativity, which perceives beauty and originality. And thirdly, our morality, as unlike animals we have a moral code. If you believe that life was an accident, then these three qualities are hard to explain. But if we believe that we are created by God, then the qualities of love, creativity and morality are God's imprint on us.

Of course, each of these are broken because of our rebellion against our Maker. Our very imperfect lives mar God's image in us. But the knowledge that God created you ought to be a great encouragement for you to reach out to God.

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