From Disney to Divine

Breanne Morrow was a Disneyland Princess by day, and a stripper by night, but now shares her story of hope and forgiveness

Breanne Morrow
Breanne Morrow now shares the same message that saved her own life

Starring in children's theatre, then signed by a talent agency at age 10 for international commercials and TV shows, Breanne Morrow could not have known she would one day work as a stripper and be wracked for years with guilt and shame.

Weeks before her year eight graduation, the stable love she had enjoyed as a child unravelled when her parents had a long and bitter divorce.

She chose to live with her mother, hating her dad for his past affairs, and filled the void her father left behind with boys, who she says became "all I could think about".

Following an abortion at age 15, Breanne recalls, "My grades weren't as good anymore and I began smoking weed and using recreational drugs. I was dealing with a lot of emotions without anyone to talk to."

During high school she began working at Disneyland and would party hard every weekend, saying she "felt in control" when she flirted and slept with the guys she wanted.

After moving out of home, insufficient tips as a full-time waitress in a new Disney theme park encouraged her to try cocktail waitressing at a local strip club.

On her first day she danced on stage and was so pleased with the attention and money that she began stripping part-time for the next year.

Breanne also lived with a boyfriend who was physically violent towards her for three years, going as far as to cover her mouth and nose to stop her from screaming and breathing.

"This was the only time I prayed for God to help me," she says.

Desperate for rent money, Breanne returned to being a stripper and became a Disneyland princess.

Breanne explains; "I was Snow White and Ariel and did meet-and-greets and pictures with the kids. I loved it but I still wasn't getting the love and attention I craved.

"During the day I was a princess and at night I was a stripper. I had two completely different worlds I lived in. I began using heavier drugs as a way to 'escape' but only to the point that I could still function the next day."

Breanne was still partying, stripping and sleeping around when she began attending the occasional church service with her princess co-workers, who she lived with.

Rather than feeling condemned by God, Breanne says, "I could feel God tugging at my heart (to turn to Him), but I did not want to hear what I shouldn't do."

Breanne's attitude changed in 2006 when her co-worker introduced her to "a great guy from a Christian family".

She stopped stripping before their first date so she would not have to lie about where she was but worked up the courage to tell him about her past after their engagement.

"He was so loving and accepting and didn't think anything of it. He showed me real love and said my past didn't change the way he felt about me."

Within two years they had a daughter and son, and were attending church regularly following her husband's leading.

Then during one service they watched a woman named Jaime* talk about God's gracious forgiveness after her former life as a stripper and her ministry to strippers, called Divine.

"I cried during her entire story on video. I knew God was tugging at my heart to be a part of Divine."

Soon she was volunteering with them, sharing her story with strippers and giving them bags of makeup and treats, but there was one step to go in Breanne's healing.

During a meeting with a church elder, Breanne recalls, "For the first time ever, I asked for God's forgiveness for my former life and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

"My past didn't bother me anymore and now I had girls to talk to who knew exactly what I had gone through.

"God knew just what I needed when He led me to Divine and now I feel I'm really doing big things by sharing my story of forgiveness, grace and healing."

Jaime Hindman's personal story was published in Challenge Edition 370, and can be viewed online at

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