Gift ideas for all


Demonstrate your gratefulness for the people you love through a thoughtful gift that shows you keenly appreciate their interests and passions.

THE TRAVELLER: Place holiday spending money in a holiday photo album for their trip. Or consider buying a subscription to a travel magazine and throw in a cushy travel pillow or travel book for something extra.

THE SPORTS FAN: Get tickets to a game your sports fan will love, perhaps wrapped inside a team T-shirt. For those who watch the game at home, make a basket with an array of snacks they can munch on while they cheer on their favourite team.

THE ENTERTAINMENT BUFF: Search online for an autographed photo of their favourite actor, singer, or athlete. Frame it and gift it along with a DVD or CD from that artist. Or buy a gift card or loyalty VIP movie card placed inside their favourite movie snack.


THE EAGER READER: Create a big basket full of tasty snacks, a handy bookmark, and a gift card to their favourite booksellers. Or make a list of some of your favourite books, attach a gift certificate to the list, and let them pick from your suggestions what to read next.

THE COFFEE DRINKER: Find a rich blend of a great tasting international coffee (Cuban, Costa Rican, and Colombian etc.). Add in a coffee grinder or other coffee products. Or give them a big travel mug and supply a great blend of instant coffee and a giant muffin or two for those days they are running late.

THE OUTDOOR EXPLORER: For the environmentally-conscious, donate to a non-profit organisation they support. Or gift them some adventure through a gift certificate to go scuba diving or deep sea fishing, pay for a ski pass or a kayak rental.

FOR THE KIDS: For teens, give the freedom of choice. Find out their favourite store and get them a certificate, so they can go wild during the post-Christmas sales. Or perhaps encourage the kids to read C.S. Lewis' book series The Chronicles of Narnia. It's a great gift for young, enthusiastic readers.

As you give a thoughtful, loving gift to loved ones, remember that the birth of Jesus, the Saviour of mankind, is the greatest, most loving gift of all.

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