All races came from one

Two tone twins

Extraordinary two-toned twins remind us of our common origin in connection to World Day for Cultural Diversity.

It may be hard to believe that fair, blue-eyed Remee and dark, brown-eyed Kian are twins but the girls help answer a question that has troubled many people about the Bible.

Some argue that one man and one woman at the beginning of creation could not account for the diversity of different skin colors and races in the world.

Remee and Kian prove that it is simply a matter of genetics — with the right genes, all the different complexions can appear in one generation.

Like the twins parents, Kyle Hodgson and Remie Horder, if Adam and Eve had a middle-brown complexion (of 'medium' melanin production) due to a mixture of "light" and "dark" genetic information, all the shades from the darkest through to the lightest could be accounted for in their children and future generations.

The girls also confirm the Bible's historical account in the book of Genesis that we have all descended from Adam and Eve, and Noah and his family too.

As we observe a national day to celebrate and deepen our understanding of different cultures and races, it is worth remembering that although we may look different, we were all made in the image of God and should value and treat everyone with equal respect.

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