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Home-business time management

Working at home requires flexibility and liberty, especially to accomplish household tasks as well, so here are some tips for a healthy schedule:

1 Schedule a time period or day for business paperwork and accounting, e.g. filing receipts, invoicing clients, balancing accounts and paying bills.

2 Group similar tasks into one continuous time-space, eg. calling clients (mornings are best), projects and errands (best in non-peak traffic). Finish one category before shifting to another.

3 Limit procrastination by shifting work to periods of peak performance. Ensure your business tasks and schedule fits around household routine tasks.

4 Don't sacrifice family time to maximise production, as this simply sacrifices future production due to increased family responsibilities later. Consider committing to a limited number of hours per day to the business. Alternatively, commit to some full (e.g. 9am-5pm) days in your week, balanced by full days off. Make sure your routine is acceptable to the whole household.

5 Keep your family in agreement with your work schedule – responding to their feedback on your work ethics and household responsibilities.

6 Keep a complete daily task journal to co-ordinate business and household commitments. This enables you to refuse any obligation that will negatively affect your family and your business.

7 Organize commitments in your journal. List all things that need to be accomplished and commitments you have made. Detail time required for each task, and divide each goal into steps and daily assignments.

8 Schedule time buffers, a.k.a. flexitime, for unforeseen delays or unexpected circumstances.

9 Review importance and productiveness of meetings and appointments. Transfer under-productive in-person meetings to phone, fax or email contact, or consider shortening or cancelling them.

For a successful home-based business a person must have the highest level of work ethic to be productive.

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