A Little Nudge

By Karl Faase

It’s not my fault

not my fault
“All who know where the blame will go raise your hands”

Have you noticed the 'nothing is my fault' syndrome? Somebody else is always to blame. Somebody made me do it, I can't be held responsible for my actions. It has been said "we are fixated on our rights but have a shriveled sense of responsibility". We all look for someone to blame.

This happens at every level of society, whether in personal relationships, courts of law, political parties or corporate board rooms – the culture of blame affects us all.

The key to personal growth is to accept responsibility for our behavior and deal with the consequences of our choices. Until we learn to take responsibility we will just hide behind excuses and wonder why life is so hard.

This is also true of our relationship with God. We need to take responsibility for our choices. Start by talking to God about the mistakes you've made. The Bible tells us that Jesus is ready to forgive as soon as we are ready to take responsibility and turn to Him.

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