By Karl Faase

The harm of ‘status anxiety’

dont panic

In his book, Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton says that for many of us, our lives are taken up with improving our wealth so that we can improve our place in the world and hence our sense of personal status. So what does de Botton say is the motivation behind this activity and anxiety?

He writes: " might be more accurate to sum up what we are searching for with a word seldom used in political theory – love." De Botton believes that the search for money, fame and influence is actually a search for love – a sense that we 'matter' more than anything else.

We all want to be loved, to believe we are really worth something. The Bible gives us a simple yet powerful truth.

"For God so loved the world (us) that He sent His only Son – so that whoever believes in Him may not perish but have eternal life."

God loves you. God is reaching out to you. God wants to know you. Just reach out in faith and God will respond.

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